Collaboration for innovation in health and social services

The research group do research related to collaborative processes to achieve quality in micro- meso and maso-level in health and social services.

This includes themes like:

  • Responsible innovation
  • Promoting and hindering factors in innovation
  • User involvement
  • Learning organisations and facilitation
  • Methods for collaboration
  • Quality improvement with attention to ethics, caring science and person-centered cultures
  • Co-creation of services with relevant stakeholders (patients, family carers and patient’s next of kin, professionals, leaders, etc)


  • Encourage critical perspectives for service development
  • Develop national and international collaborative research within community health and social care services
  • Develop research projects and assure grants
  • Involve students at different levels and health and social care professionals in project development and research activities
  • Give opportunities for academic advancements in our faculty
  • Develop knowledge that is useful for health and social care education and professions