Vice-Dean for Research

Christine Øye

Field of work

Health and social care service research

Practice development and innovation studies

Use of coercion and restraint in mental health services and nursing homes

Milieu therapy in mental health services

User participation and power relations

Person-centred care

Patient and user communities

Research ethics

Ethnographic research and critical ethnography

Implementation research and co-creation of knowledge

Courses taught

PhD level:

Health and social care service research

Research ethics and methodology

Critical ethnography and innovation

Master level: 

Mental health work adults and youth

Elderly care, ageing and society

E-health and implementation 


Sosiologi and social anthropology 



Research areas

Coercion and restraint use in health and social care services

Patient- and user communities

Home care services and ageing

E-health and innovation

Research groups

Collaboration and Innovation in Health and social care services

Health and social care service research

Implementation and Methodology


  • The informal way to success or failure? Findings from a comparative case study on video consultation training and implementation in two Danish hospitals

    Eriksen, Susanne, Øye, Christine, Dahler, Anne Marie (2022)
  • Kartlegging fra INCA prosjektet. Innovasjon i kommunale hjemmetjenester.

    Fagertun, Anette, Øye, Christine (2022)
  • Utfordringsbildet i de kommunale helse og omsorgstjenestene

    Fagertun, Anette, Øye, Christine (2022)
  • MEDVIRK – DEM: Brukermedvirkning i utforming av kommunale helse- og omsorgstjenester til personer med demens og deres pårørende

    Mekki, Tone Elin, Øye, Christine, Tranvåg, Oscar (2022)
  • Like a Social Breath: Homecare’s Contributions to Social Inclusion and Connectedness of Older Adults

    Norvoll, Reidun, Øye, Christine, Skatvedt, Astrid Helene (2022)
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