Sustainability and Green Innovation (SGI)

The research group Sustainability and Green Innovation embodies an interdisciplinary team committed to advancing regional, national, and international research that champions sustainable development and green transition.

Research areas

  • Business ethics and corruption
  • Circular economy
  • Climate risk
  • Decarbonization with electrification
  • Greenwashing
  • Sustainability accounting and auditing including reporting and assurance
  • Sustainable digitalization
  • Sustainable Management, leadership and organizations
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Green transition

Ongoing projects and research activities in 2024

  • To better understand and to promote green transition in organizations
  • To be involved as partners in external research applications
  • To communicate research based on master theses

Seminar series in 2023

  • Monday 13.Feb 14:00, Associate Professor Dr. Ridvan Cinar: " Engaged Universities"
  • Monday 20.Feb 14:00, HVL Climate and Sustainability Coordinator Siri Smith (Norwegian): "Sustainability Action Plan Norway Western University of Applied Sciences HVL"
  • Friday 24.Feb 14:00, Professor Abdul and Carmen Olsen (English): "What is theory in Qualitative in Sustainability and Innovation Research?"
  • Friday 10.March 14:00, PhD Candidate Julia Noelle Winslow from HVL (English): "Circular Cities"
  • Friday 24.March 14:00, Associate Professor Dr. Vedrana Vez (English) discussion with Carmen Olsen: "Kahneman et al. Noise chapter 1: Is it useful in Sustainability and Green innovation?"
  • Monday 27.March 14:00, PhD Candidate Therese Skarlo from HVL: "‘Money talks’ – but what do they do for sustainability transitions? The role of financial capital in sustainability transition in the salmon farming industry"
  • Friday 14.April, Carmen Olsen (Norwegian): "Forthcoming"
  • Monday 22.May 14:00, PhD Candidate Joaquin Zenteno Hopp: "Dictating Responsible Innovation in Global Innovation Systems"

Contact information

bilde av Carmen Olsen

Carmen Olsen

Head of Research Group