Sustainable Energy and Environment

Our researchers approach sustainability from different perspectives. Our ecologists delve into the effect our changing climate has on our eco-systems and how we can restore our natural habitats. Our experts in computer technology and science examine energy systems, focusing, among other things, on the development of new clean energy and the interplay between infrastructure and environment.

Selected research groups and researchers

bilde av Dhayalan Velauthapillai

Dhayalan Velauthapillai

I am involved in theoretical and experimental research on advanced nanomaterials for clean energy and health applications. More specifically, I do research on nanomaterials for a variety of solar cell, hydrogen and energy storage technologies.

bilde av Velaug Myrseth Oltedal

Velaug Myrseth Oltedal

I have a background from chemistry and am currently working with green energy and various topics within hydrogen technology. My focus is on solutions that can contribute in the transition to a zero emissions society.

bilde av Jacob Clement Yde

Jacob Clement Yde

I am interested in how the climate affects glaciers, and what influence glaciers have on the landscape, ecosystems and people near them.

bilde av Knut Rydgren

Knut Rydgren

I am a plant ecologist, with particular focus on restoration ecology in the alpine and in the cultural landscape. In the coming years, I will turn my research to another ecosystem – the mismanaged peatlands.

bilde av Reza Arghandeh

Reza Arghandeh

My goal is to explain infrastructure networks with data science. My research focuses on the intersection of machine learning, complex networks and energy systems. Together with my research team, I develop algorithms to analyze satellite images, geographical information and sensor data to study the mutual impacts of infrastructure and environment.