Landscape, ecology and climate

The research group «Landscape, ecology and climate» works with issues within various ecological and social science disciplines. Our research has great relevance for important challenges for our community, such as natural destruction and anthropogenic climate change.

Within the social science disciplines, we work with sustainable development of cities and towns, and nature management.

Focal ecological issues include those related to the cultural landscape, vegetation ecology, landscape ecology, restoration ecology, with a special focus watercourse development, climate research focusing on vegetation changes, phenology and pollination ecology, as well as population biology, invasion of alien species, plant-animal interactions.

Our research is of great relevance to the major challenges facing society in the form of continuous natural destruction and anthropogenic climate change. In line with this, the research group has gradually built up expertise on ecological issues within climate research. In addition, with the UN appointing the next ten years as the decade for Restoration Ecology, we will continue to develop our long research tradition in this field.

Our research group consist of ecologists, planners and landscape architects. We have a broad academic network, and collaborate with researchers from universities from all over Europe, Canada, USA, and New Zealand.

We offer an interdisciplinary master in Climate Change Management, and a bachelor in Landscape Planning with Landscape Archietecture. We offer many different student assignments within the topics we are researching. We also currently support two PhD candidates and we welcome further opportunities to collaborate on future or existing PhD projects.

Research Projects

Head of Research Group

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Knut Rydgren