PhD Candidate

Ingrid Knutsdotter Koren

Field of work

I see myself as an academic "potato" - I can go together with everything!

My interdiciplinary background includes a broad scope of topics, from nature and technology, to language and social sciences.

Areas of expertise:

  • Climate change management and planning
  • Landscape and nature values
  • Co-production of climate and environmental knowledge in spatial planning
  • Citizen participation in spatial planning
  • Behavioral economy and "nudging"
  • Greenwashing and green trust in business environmental strategy
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Chinese language and culture

PhD Research Fellow enrolled in RESINNREG - Resonsible Innovation and Reginal Development.

Courses taught
  • PL4-304: Climate change adaptation in spatial planning (MSc)
  • Theses supervision (MSc and BSc)
Research areas
  • Landscape research
  • Nature values
  • Sustainable land use of peatlands
  • Land use conflicts on peatlands
  • Knowledge, perception, and behavior of stakeholders in spatial planning
  • Co-production of climate and environmental knoweldge in spatial planning
  • Citizen participation and multi-stakeholder analyses
  • Discourse and narrative analyses 
  • Qualitative methods


  • REPEAT - Rethinking sustainable land use of peatlands. 
  • The COMETS (Collective Action Models for the Energy Transition and Social Innovation) project aims to fill the knowledge gaps around citizen engagement in the energy transition to renewable sources (project closed).

Selected publications

  • Repeat deltok på the European Peatland Conference ‘Power to the peatlands’ 2023

    Vollering, Julien, Koren, Ingrid Knutsdotter, Vloon, Catharina Caspara, Auestad, Inger (2023)
  • Paradise lost? A critical analysis of valuation and utilization of peatlands in Norway over time

    Koren, Ingrid Knutsdotter, Vik, Marte Lange, Auestad, Inger, Groven, Kyrre (2023)
  • Wall-to-wall peat depth from ground-penetrating radar: lessons from two landscapes in Norway

    Vollering, Julien Martin Marie, Gillespie, Mette Kusk, Gillespie, Mark Andrew, Hamre, Liv Norunn, Koren, Ingrid Knutsdotter, Muggerud, Karl-Kristian (2023)
  • Paradise lost? A critical analysis of valuation and utilization of peatlands in Norway throughout time

    Koren, Ingrid Knutsdotter (2023)
  • Statistical evidence for the contribution of citizen-led initiatives and projects to the energy transition in Europe

    Schwanitz, Valeria Jana, Wierling, August Hubert, Paudler, Heather Jean Arghandeh, von Beck, Constantin, Dufner, Simon, Koren, Ingrid Knutsdotter (2023)