Postdoctoral Fellow

Julien Martin Marie Vollering

Field of work

I work in a postdoctoral position associated with the Repeat project. In that project, we are measuring carbon stocks in Norwegian peatlands, and exploring methods for mapping peat depth across large areas.

My Ph.D. thesis at the University of Oslo Natual History Museum investigated spread of alien conifer species, with Sitka spruce in Norway as a case study. My previous education is from Leiden University (NL) and University of California, Berkeley (USA).

The following keywords roughly indicate of my areas of expertise and/or current research: 

landscape ecology - invasive species - species distributions - peatland mapping - statistical modeling - GIS (geographic information systems) - R (programming language for statistical computing and graphics)

Courses taught

Bachelor level:

  • BI435 Landscape ecology
  • GE413 Cartogaphy and GIS
  • BI424 Botany

Master level:

  • BI4-301 Climate change ecology