Field of work

I'm an ecologist. My favorite study organisms are bilberry, bumblebees and red deer and much of my work centre on the ecological interactions with these species involved.

I'm teaching at the M.Sc. programme Climate Change Management and the B.Sc programmes Landscape planning with landscape architecture and Renewable energy

I study plants, insects and large mammals with focus on ecology and wildlife management. My aim is that my reserach will result in better mangement of our landscapes and biodiversity, and be relevant to our students. Here are some of my research themes:

  • Land-use change; effects of forestry and other land-use changes on plants and animal
  • Pollination ecology, the interaction between wild pollinators (such as bumblebees) plants, but also crops.
  • Effects of climate change on important ecological species and their interactions
  • Herbivore ecology: deer and insect effects on key plant species (incl. plant defense) and vegetation in forest
  • Wildlife management and human-wildlife conflicts

You'll find my publications and projects at Research Gate

Courses taught
  • Climate Change Ecology (M.Sc.)
  • Landscape ecology (B.Sc.)
  • Ecology (B.Sc.)
Research areas
  • Land-use changes
  • Pollination ecology
  • Plant-herbivore ecology
  • Human-wildlife conflicts
  • Climate change ecology
Research groups


  • Bier og pollinering i frukthagene

    Hatteland, Bjørn Arild, Vestheim, Sandra Kaasen, Johansen, Jørund, Halvorsen, Maren Kristine, Høydal, Silje Maria Midthjell, Hegland, Stein Joar, Chipperfield, Joseph, Sydenham, Markus A. K., Nielsen, Anders (2023)
  • Akademisk apartheid, nei takk!

  • Blir det færre blåbær når klimaet vert varmare

  • Er det plass til meir hjortedyr i Norge? Eit økologisk kåseri.

  • Hjortedyr i økosystemet: effektar og betydning for biomangfaldet

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