Associate Professor

Marianne Nilsen

Field of work

I am a marine ecologist and I am concerned about how we can preserve and manage biological diversity in the fjord and the sea. My favourite organisms are the animals we find on the seabed or in the sediments. These often have exciting environmental histories to tell!

Some of my research topics are:

  • Ecosystem structure and function, focusing on fjords
  • Impact and biological effects of various types of pollution and climate change on marine species, populations and ecosystems

I teach aquatic ecology in the international semester programme From Mountain to Fjords, the masterprogramme Climate Change Management, and in the bachelorprograms Landscape Planning with Landscape Architecture and Renewable Energy. I also teach natural sciences in the 1-7 and 5-10 teachers education. I am happy to supervise students with interest in marine issues.

Following my PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Tromsø, I worked as a senior researcher at the research institure NORCE (former IRIS) and senior advisor in the Division of Research, Internationalisation and Innovation here at HVL. I am also a research coordinator at the Department.

Courses taught
  • GE478 Fjord Processes
  • BI445 Økologi
  • BI4-301 Climate change ecology
  • MGUNA101 Naturfag 1, emne 1 - Den levende naturen
  • MGBNA 101 Naturfag 1, emne 1 - Den levende naturen
Research areas
  • Marine benthic ecology
  • Fjord ecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Biological effects
Research groups