Sustainable Energy Transition

The target of the research group is to develop empirical and theoretical knowledge about conditions and strategies for a sustainable energy transition.

The research of the group is divided in several research areas:

RA1: Sustainable development: Define and operationalize sustainability at different scales (national, regional, local) and for different sectors (energy, transport).

RA2: Conditions and strategies for the conversion of the energy system: Impart knowledge about political, economic, institutional, technological and social conditions for a sustainable energy transition.

RA3: Synergies and trade-offs between sustainability goals: Impart knowledge of synergies and trade-offs between sustainable energy transition strategies and sustainable development goals.

RA4: Environmental and sustainability analyses: Develop knowledge about key environmental and sustainability analyses that support sustainable energy transition strategies

Ongoing research projects:  

Head of Research Group

bilde av Dejene Assefa Hagos

Dejene Assefa Hagos

Associate Professor