Associate Professor

Rune Njøs

Field of work

Involved in reserach and teaching on industrial transformation, sustainable transitions, industrial development, energy technology and society.

Previously employed at the Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development, HVL Bergen.

Courses taught

- FE408 Sustainable energy transitions

- FE410 Technology, innovation and society

- PHDINN905 Negotiation, Production and Interpretation of Qualitative Data in Innovation Studies

- Guest lectures on different topics and courses at different academic levels at HVL.

Supervision of bachelor, master and PhD students.

Research areas

- Industry development

- Industrial restructuring and transitions

- Innovation

- Innovation systems

- Emergence of new industries

- Sustainable energy transitions

- Energy technology

- Economic geography

Research groups

- Sustainable transition of the energy system

- The Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development

- Different externally financed reserach projects


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