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Professor Dhayalan Velauthapillai, heads the research group onAdvanced Nano materials for Clean Energy and Health Applications (ANCEHA) at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Campus Bergen, Norway.

Dhayalan Velauthapillai is a professor in Physics and Technology and has versatile research activities in the field of physics and nanotechnology. The ANCEHA research group led by him focuses on mathematical modelling, computer simulation, synthesis, characterization of advanced nano materials with particular emphasis on third and fourth generation solar cells and fuel cells. The research group has the vision to develop low weight, flexible and low cost solar cell technologies based on metal oxides, dyes, polymers and perovskite materials and concentrates on computational and experimental studies on advanced nanomaterials for clean energy and health applications such as tissue engineering. ANCEHA is also involved in research on energy policies and energy management. Dhayalan has also research activities in electromagnetic modeling, crystal optics, diffractive optics, microlenses and focusing and propagation of electromagnetic waves in isotropic and isotropic medium. The research group is also involved in both simulation and synthesis for nano materials for tissue engineering.

Professor Dhayalan Velauthapillai leads several international projects funded by Norwegian Agency for Interntional Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (DIKU), Norwegian Embassy of Sri Lanka. The international network led by Dhayalan consists of academics, researchers, PhD/MSc students from India ( and Sri Lanka ( Currently, 5 PhD students at HVL, 7 PhD students at CIT, India, PSG, India and 1 PhD from Univ. of Peradheniya, Sri Lanka and 6 MPHIL/PhD students at Univ. of Jaffna, Sri Lanka are doing their research in the ANCEHA research group.

ANCEHA has organized several international conferences, workshops and symposia in collaboration with their international partners.

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Courses taught

Solar Energy

Research areas

Advanced nanomaterials for Solar cells, Hydrogen, Energy storage technologies


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