Data-driven Energy System Analysis

Multidisciplinary data analysis is central for a proper understanding of the energy system and for assessing whether the energy transition is following a sustainable pathway.

Our approach to assessing sustainable development is an integrative one, which means we assess the complex interactions in socio-technical-economic systems with equal importance of the environmental dimension.

The sustainable energy transition requires a fundamental reform of the current way how energy services are being produced and delivered. Most importantly, we see accelerating trends towards decentralized markets and electricity grids, an increase in fuel diversity and the numbers of actors.

All these trends coincide with revolutionary ICT advancements. As a consequence, data mining is reaching a new level of quality and quantity, opening up for opportunities to develop and deploy advanced data science to tackle important societal and political questions.

In the H2020 COMETS project, we build and analyze a Europe-wide inventory of citizen-led energy projects to estimate their aggregate contribution to the energy transition.

In the EERAdata project, we hold a series of workshops to advance the FAIRification and opening of low carbon energy research data. (FAIR stands for F-findable, A-accessible, I-interoperable, R-reusable).

Head of Research Group

bilde av August Hubert Wierling

August Hubert Wierling

Associate Professor

Ongoing Research Projects

Recent Publications

  • Schwanitz, V. J., Rudek, T. J., Hubert, W., Wierling, A. The Development of Citizen-Installed Renewable Energy Capacities in Former Eastern Bloc Countries - The Case of Poland Energies 15, 2597 (2022)

  • Schwanitz, V. J., Wierling, A., Biresselioglu, M. E., Celino, M., Demir, M. H., Bałazińska, M., Kruczek, M., Paier, M., Suna, D. Current state and call for action to accomplish findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of low carbon energy data Scientific Reports  12, 5208 (2022).

  • Wierling, V.J. Schwanitz, S. Altinci, M. Balazinska, M.J. Barber, M.E. Biresselioglu, C. Burger-Scheidlin, M. Celino, M.H. Demir, R. Dennis, et al.

    FAIR Metadata Standards for Low Carbon Energy Research—A Review of Practices and How to Advance Energies 2021, 14, 6692;

  • A.Wierling, J.P. Zeiss, V. Lupi, C. Candelise, A. Sciullo, V.J. Schwanitz, The Contribution of Energy Communities to the Upscaling of Photovoltaics in Germany and Italy, Energies 2021, 14, 2258;

  • C. Wilson et al. Evaluating process-based integrated assessment models of climate change mitigation,  Climatic Change 2021 166, 3;

  • J.S. Gregg et al. Collective Action and Social Innovation in the Energy Sector: A Mobilization Model Perspective, Energies 2020, 13, 651;

Research Group Members

External Group Members

Student assistants

  • Negar Safara, Shirin Mohammadi, Mehran Ziaabadi, Constantin von Beck, Simon Dufner, Ingrid Koren and Melake Getabecha (HVL)
  • Tadeusz Rudek (Jagellonian University)
  • Timothy Marcroft (University of Lyon)