Field of work

My scientific background is theoretical physics with applications in astrophysics, plasma physics, and solid-state physics. The common thread of my research interests is the properties of complex systems with many components. My PhD was about nuclear reactions in stars. Afterward, I worked on diagnostic methods for high-energy plasmas and structural properties of dusty plasmas. During the last few years, I have been working on data-driven energy system analysis and FAIR data. My analysis tools comprise computer programs and stochastic data analysis. 

Peer-reviewed publications: See my profile at Research Gate

Ongoing projects:

  • Horizon Europe Project WHITECYCLE (07/2022-06/2025), applied research project to process and recycle PET from complex waste. Led by Michelin, 16 European partners. HVL responsible for data management and leads WP on LCA and sustainability assessments. Website.
  • EU Green Deal Project  STORIES, "Energy Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System" (11/2021-10/2025). 17 Partners and 17 Linked Partners (as HVL, co-leading FAIR data tasks). Website.
  • EEA-GrantSustainable development concept in innovative education (2023-2024) - Education Programme, lead by WSB Wroclaw, Poland. HVL to develop online course "Fossil fuel free".
  • Jean Monnet Chair on Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy. Led by A. Diemer (UCA, HVL) & ERASME - Jean Monet Center of Excellence on Sustainable Development at the University Clermont-Auvergne, France (from April 2019). Cooperation in education & research. 

Finalized projects:

  • WWF project - Validation of city-level carbon footprints on behalf of the Science-Based Target Network. (07/2022-04/2023)
  • H2020 Project EERAdata. "Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community" (from 03/2020). 6 European partners, HVL leads. Project website & project wiki.  
  • H2020 Project DRES2Markets. " Technical, business, and regulatory approaches to enhance the renewable energy capabilities to take part actively in the electricity and ancillary service markets" (08/2020-01/2023). 15 European partners. Project website.
  • H2020 Research Project COMETS. "Collective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation" (05/2019-04/2022). 12 European partners, HVL built a Europe-wide inventory for citizen-led low carbon energy projects. More information & links
  • AI for sustainable energy (09/2020-09/2022). HVL financed research cooperation between the research groups "Data Science" and "Data-driven energy system analysis".
Courses taught

International Master "Climate Change Management"

  • GE4-300 Climate Change and Climate Policy 
  • PL4-302 Transition towards a zero emission society

Bachelor "Renewable energy"

  • FE404 Mathematics for renewable energy
  • FE405 Energy systems and production technologies
  • Natural science (1-13) with focus on climate, energy and environment vekt på
  • FE407 Technical topics for renewable energies
  • NA 411/412 Natural science 15 physics
Research areas
  • renewable energy
  • statistical and other data methods
  • FAIR data


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