August Hubert Wierling

Field of work

My scientific background is theoretical physics with applications in astrophysics, plasma physics and solid state physics. The common thread of my research interests is properties of complex systems with many components. My PhD was about nuclear reaction in stars. Afterwards, I worked on diagnostic methods for high energy plasmas, but also on structural properties of dusty plasmas. During the last years I was interested in continued fractions and their application to reduce dimensions of stochastic systems. My analysis tools comprise computer programs and stochastic data analysis

Courses taught

  • FE404 Mathematics for renewable energy
  • FE405 Energy systems and production technologies
  • Natural science (1-13) with focus on climate, energy and environment vekt på
  • FE407 Technical topics for renewable energies
  • NA 411/412 Natural science 15 physics

Research areas

  • renewable energy
  • statistical and other data methods