Heather Jean Arghandeh Paudler

Field of work

I am a researcher with an interdisciplinary educational background, graduating with a humanities Ph.D. from Florida State University in 2015. At HVL, I aim to effectively, creatively, and impactfully communicate science across disciplines and target groups. Within this strategic communication and writing work, I have progressed a number of scientific publications, led EU policy briefs on human-centered digitization, worked on a documentary about citizen-led energy action, and am responsible for consortium benchmarking in support of the validation of science-driven climate change targets and action plans for cities.

Participating in the following projects:

  • Collaboration with WWF and the Science-based Targets Network to validate city-level carbon emission targets (08/2022-04/2023).
  • H2020 Project EERAdata "Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community" (03/2020-02/2023).
  • H2020 Project DRES2Markets "Technical, business, and regulatory approaches to enhance the renewable energy capabilities to take part actively in the electricity and ancillary service markets" (08/2020-01/2023).
  • EU's Erasmus+: Youth in Action Project "Music Talks / Mūzikas Sarunas" (05/2021-12/2022).
  • Finalized: H2020 Research Project COMETS "Collective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation" (05/2019-04/2022).

Courses taught

At HVL, I've given lectures and seminars dedicated to climate science communication and research proposal development for the "Master in Climate Change Management” courses Climate Change and Climate Policy (GE4-300) and Towards a Low Emissions Society (PL4-302). 

I've previously taught in the USA at Tallahassee Community College, Division of Communications and Humanities; Florida State University, College of Music; and the Pennsylvania State University, College of Arts and Architecture. I was also an academic tutor for undergraduate students at Florida State University.

I've taught and tutored in the following subjects: Communications, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Social Organization, Anthropology, English Composition, Humanities, Literature, History (American, Art, Asian, Music), Classical and Ancient Studies, Classic Culture in Translation, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Music Literature, Philosophy, Religion, and Theater.

Research areas

  • The science and practice of sustainability communication
  • FAIR and open energy data
  • Citizen-led energy initiatives
  • Human-centered digitalization
  • Norwegian music education

Research groups