Our research into the ocean is vast, encompassing wide variety of focus areas such safety, renewable energy sources in a maritime environment and the health of the tiniest organisms in the sea.

Selected research groups and researchers

bilde av Margareta Holtensdotter Lützhöft

Margareta Holtensdotter Lützhöft

I am a master mariner who went ashore and studied human-machine interaction. I now research maritime safety, including design of ships, workspaces and instruments to be user friendly for seafarers. The human is always the most important part of the system.

bilde av Erik Styhr Petersen

Erik Styhr Petersen

My research centres on the relationship between humans and technology at sea. I work on improving human-machine teaming to support mariners in becoming even better at what they are already good at. Other aims are to design work systems which cater for humans and make navigation safer, and to find out how humans build the trust that makes them dare depend on technology.

bilde av David Roger Lande-Sudall

David Roger Lande-Sudall

I work with marine renewable energy – offshore wind, wave and tidal stream energy. One of my aims is to establish new best-practice approaches for the hydrodynamic design of future mooring systems used in floating ocean renewable energy devices. This will ultimately enable the design of leaner and safer mooring solutions and reduce the cost of energy from these technologies.

bilde av Ingunn Alne Hoell

Ingunn Alne Hoell

My field is microbiology, and I am studying the smallest organisms in the ocean, such as viruses, bacteria, algae, and parasites. My research ranges from sampling and analysis of marine samples, to prevention and treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms.