W3 - Wind, Water and Waves

The research group W3 focuses on three main areas: Marine technology, offshore renewable energy and fundamental research associated with these topics.

Within marine technology, we investigate traditional areas such as ship resistance, seakeeping and offshore installations and operations. Furthermore, we are involved in the development of innovative concepts such as hydrofoil boats and autonomous/remotely operated underwater vehicles (AUVs / ROVs).

The research on offshore renewable energy focusses on three main areas: Offshore wind, tidal and wave power plants. Within these areas, the optimisation of foils, rotor concepts and wake interactions in wind/tidal farms are major research areas.

These applied research areas are closely linked to basic research in fluid mechanics, especially hydrodynamics, fluid-structure-interaction and turbulence.

Experimental testing is conducted in HVL's MarinLab, while we develop computational methods (CFD), theoretical models and optimisation techniques for validation and optimisation purposes.

Research interest areas

  • Marine technology: Ship resistance, hydrofoils, seakeeping, AUVs, offshore structures
  • Marine renewable energy: Offshore wind, tidal stream and wave energy
  • Fundamental research: Hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, turbulence

Head of Research Group

bilde av David Roger Lande-Sudall

David Roger Lande-Sudall

Associate Professor