Assistant Professor

Jan Ove Rogde Mjånes


  • University College Students' Perspectives and Opinions on Digital Lectures

    Fojcik, Marcin, Fojcik, Martyna Katarzyna, Kyte, Lars, Pollen, Bjarte, Mjånes, Jan Ove Rogde (2022)
  • Creativity in Engineering education through open-ended problems

    Mjånes, Jan Ove Rogde, Bækkelund, Nora Geirsdotter, Sande, Joar, Haugland, Aina Isdal (2022)
  • Teaching in digital surroundings – students opinion on digital tools and digital lectures

    Fojcik, Marcin, Fojcik, Martyna Katarzyna, Pollen, Bjarte, Kyte, Lars, Mjånes, Jan Ove Rogde (2021)
  • Digitaliseringsstrategi for UH-sektoren 2021 - 2025

  • Enchancing working life relevance for engineering students – through teamwork, creative problem-solving, technical prototyping and real-life projects

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