Computer Science

Our research in computer science explores how we can use this technology to build a better society. It focuses on a variety of areas such as fire safety, health services, industry, transport, and energy systems.

Selected research groups and researchers

bilde av Lars Michael Kristensen

Lars Michael Kristensen

I research software technology for the development of smart systems. My research includes methods for software quality and stability, tools for simulation and development as well as prototyping in cloud computing and the internet of things. Through my teaching and research, I cooperate closely with industrial and science institutions within fields such as ocean technology, smart transport and fire safety.

bilde av Reza Arghandeh

Reza Arghandeh

My goal is to explain infrastructure networks with data science. My research focuses on the intersection of machine learning, complex networks and energy systems. Together with my research team, I develop algorithms to analyze satellite images, geographical information and sensor data to study the mutual impacts of infrastructure and environment.

bilde av Kjell Eivind Frøysa

Kjell Eivind Frøysa

I do research on different types of measuring instruments and measuring systems at sea, used in environmental surveillance, ocean surveillance and industry. My aim is to find out how we can make such instruments more robust and able to monitor themselves. Furthermore, I am investigating how we can simplify such measuring systems while still deriving sufficient information from them.

bilde av Erik Kyrkjebø

Erik Kyrkjebø

I work on how humans can cooperate safely with robots to solve complex industrial tasks, and also how this can potentially benefit health services in the future. My research spans from measuring and estimating human motions to making robots learn new tasks by working together rather than through programming, and also how human-robot cooperation can improve task-solving in general.

bilde av Yngve Lamo

Yngve Lamo

My research is in software engineering for health care, model driven software engineering and formal methods for software development.