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HVL Robotics – research and innovation in robotics

The research and innovation centre for robotics at HVL focuses on human-robot interaction and variable stiffness (soft) robots through applied research projects with industry partners.




In human-robot cooperation, we work on

  • estimating human motions and intentions when working together with robots
  • the control methods to ensure a safe and natural interaction control for joint motions
  • cooperative learning where the robot and human learn how to perform the operation together

In soft robotics, we work on

  • how to design and manufacture soft robots for picking fruits and vegetables in agriculture
  • introducing robotics and automation in general to the industry to automate more production and service tasks
  • how the human and the automatic control systems should complement each other

In this, we work closely with local industry to address their need for automatic control systems. The technology we develop is also suited for developing new health and care services.

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