human hand and robot arm

HVL Robotics research projects

HVL Robotics has a wide range of research and innovation projects with industry partners funded by The Research Council of Norway, EU, the Sogn og Fjordane savings bank foundation, and industry partners.

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If you are an industry- or research partner curious about what we can work together on, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current Research Projects

  • WILDETECT (2023-2026) - Exploring preconditions for an integrated safe and smart traffic environment system - for Wildlife collision avoidance 

Older Research Projects

  • Retrams AS RobotHandleS (2022) – Robotic handling of reusable surgical equipment

Trainee Projects

Student Projects

  • Mixed Reality-based feedback from robots for virtual objects - Bachelor project

    Fred Christiansen, Knut Erik Aspen, Simen Farbu Swensen, Krister Smelvær

  • Self-driving mobile robot for research in agriculture - Bachelor project

    William Antonesen, Stian Svarstad Isene