Teknoløft Sogn og Fjordane

Project owner

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Project categories

Applied Research

Shared Cost Project

Project period

May 2018 - April 2024

Project summary

The Teknoløft Sogn og Fjordane project aims to build capacity and expertise in digitalisation and automation, in particular on robotics and big data, at the Western Norway University of Applied Science and Western Norway Research Institute through the education of PhD candidates and conducting research in close cooperation with local enterprises. The 6-year project seeks to expand the role of research in the innovation processes of the county business sector. In particular, the project will seek to facilitate gradual automation of processes and services in local businesses, by introducing human-robot cooperation and to a larger extent using big data in innovation and restructuring.

The project aims to improve access for local businesses to relevant, competent labour, and will develop new education programmes: both continuing and furthering education courses, and a master degree in robotics and digitalisation. Knowledge sharing between sectors is a major element of the project to exchange information, skills, and expertise between the business sector and academia. The project also has a clear goal of strengthening academic relations both nationally and internationally.