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HVL Robotics researchers are responsible for a number of courses on robotics at HVL – some of which are available as single-courses or as futher- and continuing education.

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Relevant courses and master or bachelor projects in robotics.

See the individual course pages for more details on courses. Please contact the course responsible if you are interested in taking the course as a single-course add-on to your engineering degree, or if you would be interested in these or other courses in robotics as a continuing or further education course.


Robotics master project topics:

Master projects in Human-Robot Cooperation, Soft robots, Mobile robots and Robot manipulator arms, and master projects linked to industry partners and ongoing research project will be published continously:

  1. Navigation and autonomy for mobile robots for raspberry production [industry partner][ongoing research project][FutuRaPS]
  2. Robot learning for human-robot cooperation [ongoing research project][Teknoløft]
  3. Human-motion estimation using wearable sensors (IMUs) and cameras [ongoing research project]
  4. Robotic crushing of recycled material for solar cell industry[industry partner]
  5. Robotic stacking of recycled material for solar cell - RobotTetris [industry partner]
  6. Robotic refilling of material from elastic bags for solar cell industry [industry partner]
  7. Robotic handling of reusable surgical equipment [industry partner][ongoing research project]
  8. Robotic identification and handling of flexible textiles for cleaning [industry partner]
  9. Human-Robot Cooperation, Soft robots, Mobile robots and Robot arms - a range of different projects [ongoing projects]
  10. Robots for inspection and maintenance of the CERN particle accelerator [international stay]

More topics to be published - contact us if interested.

You can find more details on master projects in robotics at this page.

Robotics courses at bachelor level:

Robotics courses at master level:

Robotics courses at PhD-level:

ICTXXX Advanced Robot Control – PhD-version