Sensor network and measurement technology

The research activity in our group is related to use of meters and measurements. The applications go from use of single instruments in industry, medicine and ocean, to sensor networks and communication.

The research group has three main activities:

  • Sensor network and comunication: Sensor and actuator networks form basis for concepts as IoT, eHealth, Smart Grid and Industry 4.0. Wireless systems open for new applications that previously were unavailable in cabled solutions: Nodes form factor, lower cost and the properties of the network allows extended dataharvesting, interaction with processes and integration with existing systems and services in new ways.

  • Condition monitoring: This will cover measurements for detecting conditions such as level, crack formation, flow, temperature and fluid composition. There are a lot of applications. Current activities are within NDT (Non-destructive testing) and material, non-intrusive level measurement, fluid characterization, flow measurement and regimes, and ocean measurements.

  • Technology in health and care: The purpose is to develop new technological solutions with applications in the health sector, such as development of technological solutions to be applied on health care, development of new sensors and measurement principles for improvement of advanced cancer treatment like partical therapy, and general sensors that through new interpretationsof measurement results can give indication of health condition.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Useful Arctic Knowledge: Partnership for research and education
  • Fiskalmåling
  • Proton CT og verifisering av stråledoser i partikkelterapi i sanntid
  • SFI Smart Ocean
  • Subflow

Head of Research Group