Research organisation – Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports (FLKI)

Research activities at FLKI are primarily linked with HVL's profile area of Education, culture and society.

The following supporting profile elements are available:

  • Specialist and general didactics
  • Sports
  • Art and culture
  • Learning and new media
  • Adolescence, democracy and diversity
  • Language and literature
  • Management of education

The faculty also has a strong research environment that focuses its research on other central profile areas at HVL:

  • Health, care and welfare, focused on the profile element Lifestyle, health and quality of life
  • Technology, sustainability and society, and the profile element Climate change and sustainable development.

One overall objective of the research activities at FLKI is to contribute to new knowledge that links academic, cultural, national and international challenges in society to the teaching offered by the teacher education programmes and the faculty. FLKI aims to build a strong, robust research environment that leaves its mark both nationally and internationally, and take national leading positions in areas in which we are particularly strong.

Strategic research programmes

Research activities at FLKI are organised into five strategic research programmes together with the faculty's centres and the PhD programme in Bildung and Pedagogical Practices. The aim of these is to provide strategic direction, coordination and support during the diverse research activities taking place within research teams and in the academic environment in general. The primary aim of these programmes is to contribute to improving the quality and scope of research and promote further quality development of research-based teaching. Research programme activities must develop and reinforce national and international network building.

The research programmes provide an important foundation for the faculty's PhD programme, for development and implementation of the research and teaching profile of the PhD programme and recruitment and support of doctoral students.