Kindergarten as formative educational arena - children, students and teacher activity

The research group is developing an integrated research field in which the inner life and activity of the kindergarten, the political and historical conditions for practice and the kindergarten teacher education programme are studied and developed.

Head of Research Group

bilde av Liv Torunn Grindheim

Liv Torunn Grindheim

Head of Research Group

bilde av Ruth Ingrid Skoglund

Ruth Ingrid Skoglund

Associate Professor


The research filed is referred to as: Kindergarten as educational arena - studies of formative education and didactic practices in kindergartens and teacher training programmes.

The main areas for research content (and change work) are:

  • Children as participants and explorers in kindergarten
  • Historical and ideological conditions for pedagogical practice in kindergarten
  • Educational practice, change and skills development

The research group studies formative education as a cultural tradition, experience and agent of change. Activity, exploring, formation of identity, agency and meaning are all different starting points for gaining a better understanding of how people are formed and, through participation, change their practice.

The research group works with describing, analysing and changing practices that provide children with the conditions for exploratory activity and the development of life skills in their everyday lives.


Conditions for children as explorers

Pioners in early childhood education

The teacher in early childhood education as leader and supervisor

This research group is a part of the research program Sustainability, Participation and Diversity.