Associate Professor

Kamal Prasad Acharya

Field of work

I am a community ecologist (plant ecologist) with a research interest in general ecology, biological diversity, natural resources management, and invasive species.

I am teaching natural science (biology) for both kindergarten and school teacher education. I addition to this I am involved in competence development programs connected to both kindergarten (REKOM) and school (DEKOM).

Courses taught

  • NHR101 Natur, helse og rørsle
  • MGUNA501/MGBNA501 Naturfag 3, emne 1 - Naturfag fordypning

Research areas

Kindergarten as formative educational arena

Education for sustainability

Research groups


  • Programmering i naturfag

    Acharya, Kamal Prasad (2021)
  • Coelogyne barbata Lindl. ex Griff. Coelogyne corymbosa Lindl. Coelogyne cristata Lindl. Coelogyne fimbriata Lindl. Coelogyne flaccida Lindl. Coelogyne fuscescens Lindl. Coelogyne nitida (Wall. ex D. Don) Lindl. Coelogyne ovalis Lindl. Coelogyne prolifera Lindl. Coelogyne punctulata Lindl. Coelogyne stricta (D. Don) Schltr. Orchidaceae

    Acharya, Kamal Prasad, Adhikari, Yagya P., Kunwar, Ripu M. (2021)
  • Dendrobium nobile Lindl. Orchidaceae

    Adhikari, Yagya P., Bhattarai, Prakash, Acharya, Kamal Prasad, Kunwar, Ripu M., Bussmann, Rainer W. (2021)
  • Fra jord til bord: dyrking og vill mat i barnehagen

    Acharya, Kamal Prasad (2020)
  • Reklame: Fremmede arter i barnehage?

    Acharya, Kamal Prasad (2020)