Courses taught


  • Mathematics didactics, Primary school teacher education 1-7
  • Mathematics didactics, kindergarten teacher education

Research areas

My current research interests are related to argumentation, both at kindergarten and school, as well as use of ICT (photography, programming, etc.) in teaching. I am currently working on LATACME project.

Research groups


  • Scratch programming and student’s explanations

    Herheim, Rune, Severina, Elena (2020)
  • Scratch programming and students' explanations

    Herheim, Rune, Severina, Elena (2020)
  • Geometry learning of children in digital activities

    Konca, Ahmet Sami, Baydilli, Sema, Severina, Elena (2020)
  • Reflexivity and early childhood mathematics education: Applying Bishop’s universality to vignettes of young children’s learning

    Perry, Bob, Thiel, Oliver, Severina, Elena (2020)
  • Ghost stairs and a ghost tree

    Severina, Elena, Lade, Andreas, Nikiforidou, Zoi (2020)
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