Mathematics education in a critical perspective

The research group is concerned with how mathematics is developed, communicated and used.

Mathematics professional didactics in Bergen has a long tradition of using critical methodologies to investigate various aspects of mathematics teaching.

The group's research focuses in particular on how different actors act critically in the context of learning, teaching, use and application of mathematics in different contexts.

The research group is organized into thematic subgroups, all of which have a common perspective and overlapping research themes that make it natural to organize them in the same research group.

This includes topics such as mathematics education in children of different ages, modelling in connection with critical-mathematical education, mathematical reasoning and agency related to society, and argumentation in digital forms of communication.

Selected publications

Lange, T. & Meaney, T. (2019). Discussing mathematics teacher education for language diversity. In J. Subramanian (Ed.) Proceedings of the tenth international mathematics education and society conference (Vol. 2). Hyderabad, India: University of Hyderabad.

Meaney, T. (2018). Mathematics curricula: Issues of access and quality. In M. Jurdak & R. Vithal (Eds.) Social and political dimensions of mathematics education (pp. 171-189). New York: Springer.

Meaney, T., Trinick, T., & Fairhall, U. (2019). Statistical enquiry and cultural knowledge: Ocean settlement voyages. Journal of Mathematics and Culture, 13(1), 80-99.

bilde av Rune Herheim

Rune Herheim

Head of research group

More information

This research group is a part of the research program Sustainability, Participation and Diversity.