Associate Professor

Magni Elen Hope Lossius

Selected publications

  • Stories Neglected About Children's Mathematics Learning in Play

    Fosse, Trude, Johansson, Maria L., Lossius, Magni Elen Hope, Wager, Anita, Wernberg, Anna (2018)
  • Mathematics as the Trojan horse in Norwegian early childhood policy?

    Fosse, Trude, Lange, Troels, Lossius, Magni Elen Hope, Meaney, Tamsin (2018)
  • “I find that pleasurable and play-oriented mathematical activities create wondering and curiosity”: Norwegian Kindergarten Teachers’ Views on Mathematics.

    Fosse, Trude, Lossius, Magni Elen Hope (2018)
  • (Wanting to do) Ethical research in a shifting context

    Eikset, Andrea Synnøve Blomsø, Fosse, Trude, Lange, Troels, Lie, Johan, Lossius, Magni Elen Hope, Meaney, Tamsin Jillian, Severina, Elena (2017)