Field of work

Assistant professor in Mathematics Education

Courses taught

Mathematics education

Research areas

Research interests include critical mathematics education and how complex and socially relevant issues can be linked to mathematics teaching to promote critical citizenship. Also researches programming in school and how students' ethical reflections are relevant for their lived democracy. Furthermore, argumentation and critical mathematics education in multilingual classrooms, related to topics such as mathematical modelling and ICT, are of research interest.

Research groups

Lived Democracy



  • Potentials for critical reflections on climate change figures

    Hauge, Kjellrun Hiis, Gøtze, Peter, Hansen, Ragnhild, Steffensen, Lisa (2022)
  • Carbon Footprints Calculators and Climate Change

    Steffensen, Lisa, Kacerja, Suela (2021)
  • Bærekraft ved lærerutdanningen i "Mobilizing SDG knowledge in Higher Education"

    Steffensen, Lisa (2021)
  • Critical mathematics education and climate change A teaching and research partnership in lower-secondary school

    Steffensen, Lisa (2021)
  • Critical mathematics education and mathematical modelling in a time of societal crises. Climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic

    Steffensen, Lisa (2021)
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