Field of work

Tamsin Meaney is professor in mathematics education. She has been involved in teacher education programmes and supervised post-graduate students in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Norway. She is a highly productive mathematics education researcher with more than a 100 peer reviewed publication. Her specialities are in Indigenous education, early childhood education and teacher professional development. She has presented keynotes in several countries around the world. Presently she is the research leader of a large Norwegian Research Council funded project on "Learning about teaching argumentation for critical mathematics education in multilingual classrooms" that will run from 2018-2021. She is also running a project as part of the Kindergarten Knowledge (Kindknow) - Centre for Systemic Research on Diversity and Sustainable Futures.


  • Possibilities for learning about mathematical argumentations using the language resources of multilingual preservice teachers

    Meaney, Tamsin Jillian, Rangnes, Toril Eskeland (2024)
  • "Shall we bullshit people?" Truth, lies and bullshit in argumentation that uses mathematics

    Tvedt, Eva Elise, Meaney, Tamsin Jillian, Rangnes, Toril Eskeland, Lange, Troels (2024)
  • The complexity of task design for utilising the epistemic potential of multiple languages in developing pattern understandings

    Ferrari, Eugenia, Lekaus, Silke, Meaney, Tamsin Jillian (2023)
  • Lek med problemer

    Fosse, Trude, Lange, Troels, Meaney, Tamsin Jillian (2023)
  • Young students’ representations of mathematics in posing problems about fairness Représentations des mathématiques par les jeunes élèves en posant des problèmes d'équité

    Fosse, Trude, Meaney, Tamsin Jillian (2023)
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