Åsta Birkeland

Field of work


Åsta Birkeland is a core researcher at KINDknow - Kindergarten Knowledge Centre for Systemic Research on Diversity and Sustainable Futures, where she is a co-leader of WP 6 Conditions for children's exploration. Her research is in early childhood educationShe researches in the area of early childhood education and research in partnership with kindergartens is central


Kindergarten teacher education Master in Kindergarten knowledge Internationalization Leader of UTFORSK Project - Research and Educational Cooperation with Higher Education Institutions and Kindergartens in China.


Courses taught
  • Cultural Understand and Comparative Education
  • Intercultural Pedagogy and Glocal Practices
  • Philosophy of Science and Methodology
Research areas
  • Cultural formation ideals in cross-cultural perspectives
  • Glocal teacher
  • Conditions for children as explorers
Research groups

Selected publications

  • Digitalizing internationalization for cross-cultural collaboration in Early Childhood Education during COVID-19 Crisis: Lessons learned from the UTFORSK project

    Hu, Aihua, Birkeland, Åsta (2024)
  • Beyond Personal and Political Boundaries. Being and Becoming a Cross-Cultural Researcher and Educator

    Birkeland, Åsta (2024)
  • Hvorfor har vi bølger i havet?

    Ødegaard, Elin Eriksen, Birkeland, Åsta, Marandon, Andre Steenbuch, Marandon, Annette, Spilde, Evelyn, Ingebrigtsen, Andrine Kongshaug (2023)
  • Barns utforskning - av hva og hvordan?

    Birkeland, Åsta (2023)
  • Felles utforskning som arbeidsform - en vei å vise - en vei å gå. Rapport fra en nasjonal studie om innhold og arbeidsmåter i barnehagen

    Ødegaard, Elin Eriksen, Hu, Aihua, Severina, Elena, Oropilla, Czarecah Tuppil, Birkeland, Åsta (2023)