Elin Eriksen Ødegaard

Field of work

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard is research director at 'KINDknow - centre for Systemic Research on Diversity and Sustainable Futures', also called BARNkunne in Norwegian. She is a capacity builder with commitments to sustainability and equity in early years.

She researches in the areas of early childhood education and teacher education with particular attention to conditions for children's cultural formation and teachers transformative practices. Keywords in her research are often: play, exploration, collaborative narratives and dialogic engagement. She produced the animated films 'Becoming .- the first 1000 days of early childhood. and Plum Skum - YouTube 

Prize: FoU Prisen - 2013 For excellence in research concerning children's collaborative meaning-making, narratives and play and for capacity building and research leadership. 

Current roles of trust

  • Professor II at University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway
  • Member of Executive Committee in World Organisation for Early Childhood Education - OMEP)
  • Member of the board of NAFOL- The National Research Scool for Teacher Education
  • Scientific Advisor for 'Playful learning Research' led by Helle Skovbjerg, Founded by Lego Foundation 
  • Scientific advisor in Children's grief and grive in ECEC, ledet av Lasse Lipponen, finansiert av Finnish Academi
  • Scientific Advisor for 'The Second Language Learners Plus Intervention' led by  Kari-Anne B. Næss, financed av NFR, UiO and HVL
  • Scientific Advisor for 'Play responsive teaching' led by Niklas Pramling, University of Gothenburg
  • Member of the board 'International Journal of play'
  • Editor in Chief of Nordic Journal of Early Childhood Research

Current projects

- Exploration and cultural formation – One Ocean, climate and weather-landscapes


- Sustainable design in kindergarten sector through ‘Exploration and Pedagogical Innovation Laboratory’ 


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Courses taught

PhD supervision

PhD NORCHILD Reserach School

Professional development 

Research areas
  • Play, Move, Explore, Cultural formation, 
  • EX-PED-LAB, and narrative inquiry
  • Sustainability - Weather landscapes and emergent ocean literary 
Research groups

Selected publications