Field of work

Liv Torunn Grindheimn is a researcher at KINDknow - Kindergarten Knowledge Centre for Systemic Research on Diversity and Sustainable Futures, leader of the research group Kindergarten as formative educational arena - children's, student's and teacher's activity and editor in the journal Nordic early childhood educational research. 

Her research is informed by children's sociology, cultural-historical approach, philosophy and critical ethnography. Her aims are to contribute to national, international and transdisciplinary approaches to sustainability for children's contemporary and future lives.

Courses taught
  • Bachelor: Sustainable development by involvement
  • Master: Kindergarten Knowledge
  • MBAS511 Kindergarten as arena for cultural formation and kindergarden teachers' professional assignment
Research areas
  • play and exploration
  • children as citizens
  • sustainable education
  • early childhood education
  • early childhood teacher education
Research groups

Selected publications

  • Kvalitet i barnehagelærarutdanninga og profesjonell utvikling blant barnehagelærarutdannarar

    Grindheim, Liv Torunn (2024)
  • Berekraftsspel

    Furnes, Annette Stavseth, Grindheim, Liv Torunn (2023)
  • Conditions for sustainability, children´s belonging and agency in outdoor contexts

    Sørensen, Hanne Værum, Theilmann, Birgitte Madsen, Hu, Aihua, Christenson, Lea Ann, Grindheim, Liv Torunn (2023)
  • Making visible the invisible in the ECTE:Who is and what does the teacher educator in Early Childhood Teacher Education?

    Eilifsen, Margareth, Hu, Aihua, Grindheim, Liv Torunn (2023)
  • Brettspel som tilrettelegging for utdanning for berekraftig utvikling i barnehagen

    Furnes, Annette Stavseth, Grindheim, Liv Torunn (2023)