Field of work

Doing research on teacher education & teacher develoment; transition from kindergarten to primary school; Curriculum;  education policy; sustainability especially ECEfS; international and comparative education. 

Teaching courses on children's development, play and learning; leadership

Involving in China Project (collaboration between HVL and Beijing Institute of Education, Beijing Normal University as well as East China Normal University

Courses taught

  • MBA 514 Participation in research group within ECE
  • BULL 1
  • LSU 2

Research areas

  • Teacher Education & Teacher Development, Early Childhood Education & Care, Language Education, Curriculum & Assessment, Teaching & Learning, & Education Policy
  • Transition
  • Education Policy
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Sustainability especially ECEfS
  • Curriculum and Assessment

Research groups


  • Students' Dialogical Formation in an International Programme within Kindergarten Teacher Education

    Skoglund, Ruth Ingrid, Hu, Aihua, Birkeland, Åsta (2022)
  • “This was eye-opening for me”: A case study of student teachers’ professional identity development in an international course in a Norwegian early childhood teacher education institute

    Akslen, Åse Nylenna, Ohm, Modgun, Hu, Aihua (2021)
  • What Matters?:A Case Study of Primary School Teachers’ Perspectives on Transition to School

    Hu, Aihua (2021)
  • What to prepare for transition from kindergarten to school: From policy to practices in Norway

    Hu, Aihua (2021)
  • Fostering cultural sustainability in early childhood education through neighborhood projects

    Hu, Aihua, Ødemotland, Siv (2021)
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