Voice InFormation

The research group Voice InFormation has broad experience with a variety of vocal expressive forms.

As vocal performers, music teachers and educators we are researching correlations between vocal performative utterances and «Bildung» in music education. It means that we are concerned with various aspects of the human voice.

Seen from the perspective of the educator, a challenge for the student is the unawareness of the importance of the aural body. Feelings, use of muscles, and body posture affect performative actions in daily life as well as on concert venues.

We explore what singing as a phenomenon of our time conveys, and what kind of a cultural phenomenon singing might be. Talent, identity, profession, sound, technique, perception and activity are keywords for our research projects.

Ongoing projects

Head of research group

bilde av Anne Kristine Wallace Turøy

Anne Kristine Wallace Turøy

Associate Professor