Tiri Beate Bergesen Schei

Field of work

I am currently leader of the strategic research program "Arts, Creativity and Cultural Practices" (KKKP). Nine research groups are part of this program and research is carried out on creative, artistic and cultural practices with relevance to education, culture and society.

I have a music professional background, and long experience as a teacher, performer, choir conductor, supervisor, and educator within the University College system. My research interests are related to "Bildung" and identity processes, with a special emphasis on connections between voice and identity, "the audible body", and self-staging and self-discipline in both teaching and artistic expression on stage.

I am an active researcher in BarnKunne - Center for Kindergarten Research and in the research group Voice InFormation /

I have worked actively with research schools, and among other things participated in the establishment of Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies (GRS), of which HVL is one of the owners. I was a member of the "Scientific Advisory Board" of GRS (2010-2020).

Courses taught

I supervise on Master and PhD level and teach at the course PHD907: Kindergarten as an arena for cultural formation.

Since 2017, I have been the course coordinator of PHD902: Theory of Science, Ethics and Academic Text Work, at FLKI's PhD program «Studies of Bildung and pedagogical practices».

Research areas

Current research project: Singing in kindergartens and schools, funded by Arts Council Norway:

Research groups

Selected publications

  • Arts-based research methods in music teacher education; Research, assessment and publication

    Holdhus, Kari Mette, Schei, Tiri Bergesen, Askerøi, Eirik (2024)
  • Stemmeskam versus stemmefryd. Hva slags mekanismer er i spill?

    Schei, Tiri Bergesen (2023)
  • Keynoteforedrag: "Barnehagelærerens (sang)stemme som redskap i kommunikasjon"

    Schei, Tiri Bergesen (2023)
  • Keynoteforedrag: "Stemmeskam i vår tid. Sårbarhet i musikalske selvuttrykk"

    Schei, Tiri Bergesen (2023)
  • Lærerstemmen og stemmestress

    Schei, Tiri Bergesen (2023)