Associate Professor

Ruth Ingrid Skoglund

Field of work

Ruth Ingrid Skoglund is a core researcher at KINDknow-Kindergarten Knowledge Centre for Systemic Research on Diversity and Sustainable Futures

She is a member of the reserach group Kindergarten as formative educational arena



Courses taught

  • Master course MBA511 Kindergarten as an arena for cultural formation and kindergarten teachers' professional assignment
  • Cultural understanding and Comparative pedagogy
  • Supervision and kindergarten teachers' professional development

Research areas

  • Childrens' play and exploration
  • Professional ethics for kindergarten teachers
  • Collaboration with parents to prevent bullying in kindergartenen

Research groups


  • Ny mobbelov i barnehagen - likeverdig dialog med foreldre er avgjørende i forebyggingen mot mobbing

    Ohm, Modgun, Skoglund, Ruth Ingrid, Moe, Randi (2021)
  • Å høre til- Forebygging mot mobbing i barnehagen utfordrer samarbeidet mellom foreldre og barnehage.

    Ohm, Modgun, Skoglund, Ruth Ingrid (2020)
  • Beyond Bullying: Understanding Children’s Exploration of Inclusion and Exclusion Processes in Kindergarten

    Skoglund, Ruth Ingrid (2020)
  • Children's perspectives about cultural sustainability and neighborhood in Chinese and Norwegian kindergartens - A didactical approach.

    Skoglund, Ruth Ingrid (2020)
  • En teoretisk didaktisk tilnærming til barnehagebarns forestillingslek

    Skoglund, Ruth Ingrid, Grindheim, Liv Torunn (2020)
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