Negotiating Narratives

Narrative research is a growing field of research that highlights human experience through narrative genres. The research field is characterized by a collaborative approach to empirical data in the field of pedagogy and education. Through participation with the field, interaction with children, students, teachers, teacher educators and others, the researcher will reformat the stories.

Narrative is an interdisciplinary term, therefore the group works interdisciplinary. The group explores the narrative aspect by linking educational understanding of the narrative with the field of art. To explore the narrative aspect by linking an educational understanding of the narrative with the field of art will be a special new contribution to the research methodology.

Common to the group is values expressed in the goal to contribute to new insights and knowledge of stories; stories seen as both ignored, stories that are not told and collectively-taught stories. Interdisciplinarity is seen as a resource for the group's work.

We will look into how different academic perspectives can strengthen the development of new insights and knowledge about mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, about bildung as subjectivation and about identity processes.

This research group is part of the research program Art, Creativities and Cultural Practices.