Art, Creativities and Cultural Practices (KKKP)

The purpose of this research programme is to study issues linked to artistic, creative and cultural practices of relevance to education, culture and society. This includes research into human experience, creation, knowledge, activity and forms of expression, as well as critical analysis and discussion of such human activities and their contexts.

The research within the programme will also contribute to change and innovation in various fields linked to technology and various media, inter alia. As part of this programme, research will thus transcend the boundaries of subject areas and faculties and include a number of different academic, scientific and methodological approaches.

The research will essentially take place at the intersection between the humanities and the social sciences, and should be able to include didactic, subject-specific didactic, reflective, critical, normative, performative, technological, material, theoretical and practical aspects.

The programme will also pave the way for theoretical and methodical diversity to facilitate innovation and development in research and development work. Among other things, the programme will contribute to developing artistic research in parallel with more established forms of research.

bilde av Tiri Beate Bergesen Schei

Tiri Beate Bergesen Schei

Head of research programme

There are three, partly overlapping, subareas in the programme


In this subarea, research will be conducted in and through art forms and aesthetic practices, and learning processes that include both aesthetic impressions and expressions. This research is based on issues of relevance to teacher education, schools, pre-schools and the cultural sector.


The research in this subarea will contribute with development of perspective, methodology and forms of learning linked to creativity and innovation and is generally focused on current or future challenges in education and society, such as approaches linked to 21st Century Skills, entrepreneurship and suchlike.

Cultural practices

The research in this subarea will help to develop methodology and problematise topics linked to cultural expressions, cultural encounters and cultural practices in education, society and culture. The concept of culture (in a broad sense) is central in this subarea and will be highlighted from various academic and scientific perspectives.