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The research group Culture - Criticism - Community is an interdisciplinary and international research group that gathers researchers with a critical research interest.

Through various empirical and theoretical approaches, the research projects aim to explore arts education, cultural expressions, cultural participation, community arts and arts communities.

Keywords for the research are: Culture, criticism, community, context, diversity, participation, equality, justice, and democracy.

The purpose of the research is to raise critical discussion and challenge existing assumptions, ideas and practices within the field, thus ultimately contributing to change.

Newest publications

Bjørnevoll, S. M. (2022). “We Never Got to Try That Experience of Total Chaos”: Exploring Preservice Music Teachers’ Agency in Teaching Practicum. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 0(0).

Holdhus, K., Christophersen, C., & Partti, H (2022). Soundtrapped? Socio-material perspectives on collaborative teaching within the music classroom. Research Studies in Music Education

Rinde, Felicity Katharine Burbridge (2022). Inclusive socio-musical spaces for newly arrived migrant children in a Norwegian primary school: Teacher and school leader perspectives. International Journal of Music Education 2022

When the Unforeseen is the Foreseen. Drama Perspectives on Using Rituals to Connect with People Living with Dementia (2022). Katrine Heggstad, DRAMA, When the Unforeseen is the Foreseen: Drama Perspectives on Using Rituals to Connect with People Living with Dementia: DRAMA: Vol 59, No 1 (

Stilla og ropet – kunstnerisk (ut)forskning gjennom fem elastiske byggekomponenter (2022) Tine Grieg Viig. Stemma og stilla i musikk og litteratur, CappelenDamm

The multiplicity of preservice music teachers' positioning in a participatory action research (2022)
Onsrud, Silje Valde;Fredriksen, Bendik; Rinholm, Hanne; Lindgren, Monica
Research Studies in Music Education

Who are the music student teachers in Norwegian generalist teacher education? A cross-sectional survey (2021)
Nysæther, Eyolf Thovsen;Christophersen, Catharina Renate;Sætre, Jon Helge
Nordic Research in Music Education

Music in the school life of newly arrived migrant children: potential paths to participation and belonging (2021)
Rinde, Felicity Katharine Burbridge;Kenny, Ailbhe
Music Education Research

Developing an understanding of intercultural music education in a Nordic setting (2021)
Rinde, Felicity Katharine Burbridge;Christophersen, Catharina Renate
Nordic Research in Music Education

Ongoing research projects

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This research group is part of the research program Art, Creativities and Cultural Practices.