Catharina Renate Christophersen

Field of work

Catharina Christophersen has worked as a music teacher both in schools and in municipal schools of performing arts. She holds a doctorate in music education from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. She is currently the principal investigator of the research project "Music Teacher Education for the Future" (FUTURED 2019-2022), which is financed by the Norwegian Research Council. In this project the researchers examine the music subject and music education practices of the new 5-year  generalist teacher education in Norway, aiming both to map and challenge existing practices, as well as to develop new educational practices.  


Courses taught

  • Master of music education
  • PhD program "Studies of Bildung and Didactic Practices"
  • Primary and Lower Secondary School Teacher Education with integrated Master
  • Music pedagogy
  • Music didactics
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Research ethics

Research areas

  • Music in schools
  • Music teacher education
  • Creative partnerships
  • Popular music education
  • Policy studies
  • Social justice in music education
  • Educational change

Research groups

Selected publications

  • Musician - Teacher Collaborations: Altering the Chord

    Christophersen, Catharina Renate, Kenny, Ailbhe (2018)
  • Playing to learn or learning to play? Playing Rocksmith to learn electric guitar and bass in Nordic music teacher education

    Havre, Sigrid Jordal, Väkevä, Lauri, Christophersen, Catharina Renate, Haugland, Egil (2018)
  • Challenging Music Teacher Education in Norway: Popular Music and Music Teacher Education

    Christophersen, Catharina Renate (2017)
  • Popular Music Education, Participation and Democracy: Some Nordic Perspectives

    Christophersen, Catharina Renate, Gullberg, Anna-Karin (2017)
  • Kunstfaga i grunnskulen i Hordaland 2016: Tilstand og utfordringar

    Christophersen, Catharina Renate, Iversen, Kristin, Tvedt, Martin (2017)