Stig Audun Eriksson


  • IDEA. Journal Presentation Day

    Eriksson, Stig Audun (2024)
  • Educational Drama in Norway. From cultural expression to curriculum element

    Eriksson, Stig Audun, Allern, Tor-Helge (2023)
  • Interview with Li Yingning

    Allern, Tor-Helge, Zheng, Sisi, Eriksson, Stig Audun (2023)
  • Reflections on 'living through' and 'distancing': a critical essay related to Heathcote’s and Brecht’s poetics

    Eriksson, Stig Audun (2023)
  • Kina samarbeidet fra 2004

    Rios, Sylvia Linda Hansen, Allern, Tor-Helge, Eriksson, Stig Audun, Zheng, Sisi (2023)
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