Postdoctoral Fellow

Tine Grieg Viig

Field of work

Tine Grieg Viig is an Associate professor in music education at the Department of Arts Education; Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports, at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She holds a PhD in music education from the Grieg Academy,  The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen, and is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in the Music Teacher Education for the Future (FUTURED) project

Grieg Viig’s background is from the field of music education, and she has in addition to her employment in higher education worked as a composer and choir conductor. She departs from a background influenced by jazz storytelling, seeking to explore sonic spaces both tight and open, harmonic and dissonant, experimental and conform, delving into how timbre, polyphonic and homogeneous lines can take shape in a continuously evolving soundscape. As a researcher and teacher, she is in particular interested in creative music making, post-critical music pedagogy approaches, and exploring how digital tools can provide new access points for music education in the 21st century.




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  • Developing visions for the future. A reflection on utopias in music teacher education

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  • Stilla og ropet – kunstnerisk (ut)forskning gjennom fem elastiske byggekomponenter.

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