Childrens relations to music

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Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Project categories

Ph.D. Project

Project period

August 2018 - August 2025

Project summary

The focus in my research project Children’s relations to music is children’s perspective on music. I investigate what relations children and pupils’ have to music by investigating their everyday musical life both in- and outside schools. I want to study empirically where and how the pupil informants use music, encounter music, and how they express their relations to music. The research will be conducted as a qualitative study of primary school pupils’ dealings with and experiences of music in various situations. By observing and interviewing pupils, I will gain knowledge about their relations and ways of using and engage with music, and which musical situations my informants find meaningful.

My overall research question is: What relations to music does primary school pupils have in their everyday life?

The research project is positioned within posthumanism and new materialism, and I have a special focus on pupils' musical intra-actions. 


Observation, interviews, diffractive reading, thinking-with-theory, posthumanism, new materialism