Research in Pedagogical Entrepreneurship (RiPE)

RiPE is part of the research program Arts, Creativity and Cultural Practices, and emphasizes research on pedagogical entrepreneurship related to teacher education.

The research group is concerned with the future school, and aims to contribute to research on the use of entrepreneurial approaches in school subjects and the implementation of educational entrepreneurship as a learning strategy in teacher education and school. Through research and publishing, the group has established itself in the network of research environments for educational entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries. The research group also works with development work, teaching and course activities related to pedagogical entrepreneurship. 

Coopertaive partners 

Cooperative partners locally are the Sogn Region Council, primary and lower secondary schools linked to the teacher education programs at HVL in Sogn og Fjordane, and Junior Achievement Sogn og Fjordane. Nationally, the group has contact with Eastern Norway Research Institute and KS Education. Internationally, we collaborate with the research network CIE (Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship), with researchers from Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Norway. RiPE also collaborates with the international network Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. 

Pedagogical Entrepreneurship for Content Knowledge (PECK) 

In August 2017, the research group received funding for the Erasmus+ project Pedagogical Entrepreneurship for Content Knowledge (PECK) in collaboration with colleagues in Sweden and Denmark, where the researchers will for three years organize a strategic partnership for six schools and collect data related to these schools' collaboration on educational entrepreneurship in school. The aim of this work is to lay the foundations for work on entrepreneurial didactics. 

Teacher for the Future (LFF) 

In the spring of 2019, the group took the initiative to start a development project regarding teacher education in Sogndal, where the group is located, and from December 2019 the research group has joined this project, which has been given the title Teacher for the Future (LFF). The project is preparing an application for Diku's program for student active learning (application deadline June 8, 2020), with Eirik S. Jenssen as project manager.


  • GameIT - Gamestorming for innovative teaching is an Erasmus+ project started 01.09.2017. The main idea of the project is to develop a hex board game and a set of four culture-specific role playing games to be used in the classroom environment at a higher education level. An anthology was published spring 2020. The project is a collaboration between Philological School of Higher Education in Wroclaw, Poland , University of Bacău (UB) Romania og University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia.
  • PECK (Pedagogical Entrepreneurship for Content Knowledge): Erasmus + project started 01.09.2017. RiPE is responsible for the project, and runs a development and exchange collaboration between six Scandinavian schools (Norway, Sweden, Denmark). An anthology focusing on entrepreneurial didactics will be published as part of the dissemination of the project (spring 2020). 
  • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education: Representatives from RiPE have written an encyclopedic article on pedagogical entrepreneurship in teacher education. 
  • Decentralized competence-raising measures: Cooperation with several municipalities; Former Flora municipality (now part of Kinn municipality), Vik municipality and competence region Nordfjord on decentralized competence raising for mathematics teachers. 
  • Investigation and exploration of Escape Room as a didactic tool to use to operationalize the general part of the new curriculum for the Norwegian school K1-K13 (LK20), and the curriculum in mathematics. 


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Research program

This research group is part of the research program Art, Creativities and Cultural Practices.

Head of research group

bilde av Frode Olav Haara

Frode Olav Haara

Associate Professor