Diversity and intercultural communication in education (FLEKS)

The research group is interdisciplinary with a main focus on social sustainability.

The research group is interdisciplinary and emphasizes social sustainability. The focus areas are, among other things, children and adults with a minority language background and their everyday life in kindergarten, school, and higher education.

Ongoing projects

  1. The leadership’s work with multicultural professional development in kindergartens: The kindergarten as an arena of inclusive for refugees. Anne Grethe Sønsthagen 

  1. Student mobility in Africa: Teacher student’s intercultural communication skills through the subject «Education and Sustainability». Monica Vattedal Helgesen and Ane Bergersen 

  1. Transformative Learning through student mobility from Norway to Zambia and from Zambia to Norway. Ane Bergersen and GisteredMuleya 

  1. Zambianteacher students’ reflectionsonhow a goodteachershould be and howtheirownculturalbackgroundhavehad an impactontheirchoice to be a teacher. Ane Bergersen, Samwangala, Milimo and FidelisMumba 

  1. Professional leadership and cross-cultural competence. Ane Bergersen and Merete Nornes-Nymark 

  1. Music as cultural bridge-buildingHans Mark Svedal 

  1. Norwegian kindergarten teachers` cooperation and trust building with Polish parents. Sigrid Bøyum 


  • Norsk nettverk for bærekraft og utdanning 
  • The Nordplus network Global & Intercultural competence through practicum in the global south (GIPS)  
  • Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication (NIC) 


  • David Livingstone College of Education, (DALICE),  Zambia 
  • University of Zambia, School of Education, Department of Language and Social Sciences , Zambia 

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