Studies of Bildung and Pedagogical Practices

This is a research programme qualifying students for academic work and research within the field of bildung and pedagogical practices as manifested in the sector of education and training sector, the cultural sector and other sectors.

Here you may find an overview of the single courses that are offered this semester, and how to apply for admission. Courses belonging to the PhD programme Studies of Bildung and Pedagogical Practices are primarily for candidates admitted to the PhD programme, but will also be open to other applicants.



Course schedule Fall 2023

PHD901 Bildung and Pedagogical Practices, weeks 39 og 44, course coordinator: Tom Are Trippestad

PHD914 Embodied Bildung, week 49, course coordinator: Gunn Helene Engelsrud


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Solvejg Jobst

Head of PhD programme

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Stine Soltvedt Jakobsen

Senior Adviser