Admission for single courses PhD in Bildung and Pedagogical Practices

Courses related to the PhD program in Bildung and Pedagogical Practices are primarily for candidates who are admitted to the PhD program, but will also be open to other applicants.

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Courses offered Spring 2023 

PHD902 Theory of science, ethics and academic text, weeks 3 og 7, course coordinator: Tiri Bergesen Schei

PHD903 Research methodology and design, weeks 16 og 21, course coordinator: Hein Berdinesen

PHD905 The Teaching Profession, week 22, course coordinators: Bodil Ravneberg and Kari Ludvigsen (Course taught in Norwegian)

PHD909 Rhetorics of Education, week 12, course coordinator: Tom Are Trippestad (Course taught in Norwegian)

PHD911 Non-Western Educational Philosophy and Policy, weeks 18/19, course coordinator: David Hebert

PHD915 Multimodal Literacy and Aesthetic Engagement, week 10, course coordinator: Zoltan Varga and Jena Habegger-Conti



Six weeks before the course starts.

Admission requirements

Admission to the PhD courses normally requires a five-year Master's degree or equivalent within teacher education, other pedagogical education, educational science, development studies or a Master's degree from a relevant study program (normally with grade A or B).


When the number of applicants for PhD courses exceeds the admission capacity, the following criteria for ranking applicants will be used:

  1. PhD candidates from the Bildung and Pedagogical Practices program.
  2. PhD candidates at active cooperating institutions, for example as an external member of a HVL research group or externally funded project.
  3. Academic staff at HVL who participate in scholarship schemes for qualification.
  4. PhD candidates who participate in other PhD programs at HVL.
  5. Employees at HVL with relevant a master’s degree (usually with grade A or B).
  6. Other applicants with a relevant master’s degree (normally with grade A or B).

Required documentation:

In order for your application to be processed, you must upload the necessary documentation.

  • If you are admitted to a PhD program at HVL or a PhD candidate at HVL's active collaborative institutions, please attach relevant documentation.
  • If you are an academic employee at HVL who participates in a scholarship scheme for qualification, you add relevant documentation.
  • If you are employed at HVL with a relevant master, you attach documentation of employment and diplomas.
  • If you apply with a relevant master’s degree, you attach your diploma.

Non-Norwegian applicants must also upload a copy of their passport.

Additional requirement for all applicants:

Write a brief summary of your R&D project of up to 250 words. The summary must include which method you intend to use and how the project fits into the course for which you are seeking admission. The summary is uploaded along with documentation that you meet the admission requirements.

Note that you must upload documentation even though you have previously applied for admission to HVL. You are responsible for ensuring that we have the correct documentation for your application. You may be asked to present original documentation both during the admission process and during the study. Incorrect or misleading information may cause you to lose your right to complete your education.

Reply to application

You will receive a reply to your application as soon as it is processed, after the application deadline.